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Five Seattle experiences you shouldn’t miss

  1. Eat a meal in The Space Needle– One of the best ways to see the city is from the top of The Space Needle. You can make a reservation on Open Table to eat at SkyCity, the Space Needle restaurant. Reserve your spot before your trip so that you don’t miss the experience. After your meal, you can check out the observation deck. Breathtaking views and delicious food make this a must do. If it’s a clear day, make it a lunch, you can see forever…It rotates slowly while you eat, so your view is constantly changing.
  2. See a cabaret show at Can Can Kitchen-A mix of comedy and talent, this small theater puts on an impressive show. Great for a bachelorette party, a date or, a birthday with a group of friends. We saw “The Midnight Show.” Tickets were around $30 each. You can buy them ahead of time online.
  3.  Chihuly Garden and Glass-At this museum, you will be able to walk through gorgeous, colorful glass sculptures. One of my favorite pieces is a ceiling made of colorful glass flowers. The color from the glass spills on to the walls when the light shines through the ceiling. There’s a bench right under it so, lie down and look up to enjoy it.
  4. Pike Place Market-Fresh seafood, shopping and the famous flying fish. If you’re so inclined, the workers at the fish market will throw you a giant fish to catch (I skipped this). You could however, make a whole meal out of the seafood you can pick up there. Grab some crab legs, shrimp and beer and eat outside. They also have some fresh donuts here that are DELICIOUS! Make sure to try them.
  5. Kerry Park- This park gives you the postcard-worthy view of Seattle. From here, you can see the whole city skyline. When I stepped out of the Uber (we’re glamorous like that) I involuntarily said “Wow.” Absolutely beautiful. See it at night on the clearest night you can.

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