Road Trip to Newport

Love glamour? Are you a huge fan of “The Great Gatsby” or “Downton Abbey?” Newport might just be the perfect destination for you to visit.  Newport is home to some incredible mansions that belonged to wealthy families during The Gilded Age. The town also offers great food, beaches and a scenic trail that runs along cliffs near the ocean.

Tour some houses that are a smidge over your Zillow budget

For a small fee, you can pop on some headphones and wander through Newport’s mansions listening to the stories of the people who once lived in them. You’ll get to hear about everyone from the temperamental chef to the suffragette who hosted gatherings in a tea house in her backyard.

Two houses you shouldn’t miss are Marble House and Rosecliff. Marble House belonged to the Vanderbilt family. Alva Vanderbilt, one of its former residents, helped fight for the right to vote for women. Guests who tour the house can learn about Alva and her life and even see her Votes for Women dishes on display. Rosecliff was used in the original film version of “The Great Gatsby.” The guided tour talks about the filming of the movie. A dress that Daisy wore in the film is displayed in Rosecliff. Descend one of the staircases and pretend you live in Rosecliff for a minute… Imagining you’re a resident is half the fun of these tours. So, go ahead and daydream.

Take a sunrise stroll on Cliff Walk
Get up to watch the sun rise and then, head out for a walk along the ocean. Cliff Walk gives visitors the chance to get some exercise, enjoy nature and learn a little bit about Newport’s history all at the same time. The trail runs along the ocean and is perfect for a walk or morning run. You will be able to see Newport’s mansions lining the cliffs. Along the way, there is a set of stone stairs that leads down to the water. Forty Steps is a great place to savor the view and snap some pictures. If you have time, you can download the Visit Newport app for free. The app will tell you about all of the stops along the walk.

Eat, Eat, Eat


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There are a ton of great seafood places to check out. We ate at Castle Hill Inn and The Mooring. If you go to Castle Hill Inn, go during the day so that you can enjoy The Lawn. They have chairs set up so guests can look out at the ocean. We went at night for dinner, which was nice, but very expensive. For something more affordable, The Mooring also offers some beautiful views.

Stay somewhere warm and inviting
The Yankee Peddler Inn is a perfect choice if you’re looking for somewhere relaxing to stay in Newport. It’s homey, and the management is very thoughtful. When we were there, they had breakfast available every morning, fruit for guests and cookies in the afternoon. They are also happy to help you plan out something to do while you’re in Newport and can offer recommendations. The best part of the Inn is the roof deck. They have a small deck that is full of flowers. It’s a great little spot to relax and have your morning coffee.