Get a Pep Talk

Shot_04_146.jpgIf you could use a pep talk (Let’s face it most people could), you should check out You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life,” by Jen Sincero. It’s available on Audible so, you can listen to it in the car, or, while you’re doing something boring around the house like putting away laundry. 

Sincero offers a no nonsense approach to encouragement. She’s what you would get if Amy Schumer and your therapist had a baby.  She curses and she asks questions like, “Really? You’re going to let that stop you…Really?”

She is a self described survivor of the self-help world and is not afraid to make fun of the somewhat ridiculous things she once did on a journey to improve her life (like taking her inner child on a play date). Sincero went from living in a converted garage eating dollar tacos to owning a seven figure business, so, her advice probably isn’t the worst.

She also has a new book available called, “You Are A Badass at Making Money: Mastering the Mindset of Wealth,” which I have not listened to yet, but am definitely using my Audible credits to get.